Resistance Training Cardio A New Approach To Cardio Workouts

Resistance Training Cardio A New Approach To Cardio Workouts

Taking the resistance training approach to your cardio workouts creates a bigger metabolic response in your body than traditional forms of cardio training.


 When you think of doing cardio training what do you think of?

More than likely you probably have visions of treadmills, running or some other machine type workout. And if that is what you really like to do and you stick with it then I would be the last person to tell you to stop.


 All I ask is you have an open mind to the possibility that there may be a more effective and less time consuming way. Resistance Training Cardio What exactly am I talking about?


Hopefully you know that resistance training involves the use of weight training, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.


So now you may be thinking I thought they are all used for muscle building? And they are. The advantage to using resistance training cardio is the lean muscle gains you get from this type of training. And so I’m clear here I am not talking about bodybuilder size muscles here.


The lean muscle you will gain is that of an athlete or think of Ryan Reynolds or Jessica Biel type of shape. Get The picture?


What Is The Resistance Training Cardio?


1) It involves using total body exercises

2) Tri – Sets

3) Giant Sets

4) Alternating Sets


So let’s start at the top. 1) Total Body Exercises


A) Clean and Press

B) Lunge and Press

C) Squat and Press These are just 3 examples of total body exercises that will cause a dramatic metabolic boost to your system when you do resistance training cardio.


How To Use Total Body Exercises and Tri – Sets – Giant Sets – Alternating Sets


Tri – Sets are very simply, 3 exercises done one right after the other with minimal (if any rest at all).


Giant Sets are 4 or more exercises done one after the other (as with tri-sets)


Alternating Sets– take 2 exercises for antagonistic body parts and going back and forth between the 2. As an example Incline Dumbbell Bench and Bent Over Rows.


Using this resistance training cardio (such as the alternating sets, tri-sets, giant sets, circuit training) it keeps the heart rate super elevated and produces the greatest metabolic post-workout burn possible.


You’re taking the benefits you’d see from high intensity cardio and adding it to a proper resistance training workout using total body exercises to get an all-inclusive workout that will take your fat burning and fitness to levels you never thought possible.


Adding lean muscle as I mentioned earlier is what helps you maintain a high metabolic rate. If you lose it, (which doing to much low intensity cardio can cause) you’re going to be burning off fewer and fewer calories each and every day, making further fat loss seem next to impossible.

Oh and another point that I touched on earlier with the traditional slow cardio most people will recommend 45-60 minute minute workouts (if not longer, 5- 6 days a week. With resistance training cardio I will go 3-4 days a week and can get my workouts done in 30 – 40 minutes.

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